Swix Cera Nova LF7 Violet Fluorocarbon Bulk Wax - 180g

Swix Cera Nova LF7 Violet Fluorocarbon Bulk Wax - 180g
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Swix Cera Nova LF7 Violet Fluorocarbon Bulk Wax is a very good race wax at low humidity. However, at this temperature range it is recommended that you use Cera F CF7 as an over-layer. LF7 is also very often used as the base layer before applying HF7, HF8 or HF10. LF stands for Low Fluorocarbon. These are fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes having a low percentage of low-melt point fluoro additive. They are used as training waxes, or as racing waxes with Cera F as a final layer, or alone as a race wax at very low temperatures. The temperature ranges and wax colors of the LF waxes coincide with the HF category, however they are distinguished from the HF waxes by the 60 gram or 180 gram bar size. The LF waxes can be distinguished from the CH waxes by a slightly more transparent look.


  • -2C to -8F to 18F)
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 13C
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