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Volkl V Werks 100th Year Limited Edition Skis- Men'sby Volkl

Volkl V Werks 100th Year Limited Edition Skis- Men's

Volkl V Werks 100th Year Limited Edition Skis- Men's by Volkl

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Item No: 249901

Manf No: N/A

Color: Black/Carbon/Yellow
Size: 179 cm

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Product Info

Picture this: gliding down the slopes on the fantastic V.Werks 100, a true gem born from a century's worth of ski craftsmanship. This beauty isn't just any ski—it's the pinnacle of all-mountain freeriders, perfect for those who crave versatility, whether on groomed trails or venturing off into backcountry bliss.

What makes the V.Werks 100 stand out? Well, it's a blend of pure innovation and expertise in construction, blending materials in a way that's nothing short of magical. The result? An absolute dream to ride with sensational handling and performance. Whether you're carving up the mountain or exploring new terrains, this ski is your trusty companion, ready for any adventure.

Sidecut: 140-100-122
Tip & Tail Rocker
State of the art core technology

Type of Terrain: Powder, Freeride, Resort, Touring

Ability Level: Expert

Additional thoughts from our staff...

What's truly groundbreaking is the ski's construction. Völkl's research and development team veered into new territory, setting sustainability benchmarks. The 3D milled wooden core, sourced from 100% FSC certified wood, forms the backbone. And get this: recycled materials form the steel edges and surface without compromising quality or performance. But here's the kicker—the use of natural, renewable flax fibers, strategically positioned along the ski's force lines, replaces carbon. This innovative system enhances the ski's dynamics sustainably, especially in the blade area.

Tip & Tail Rocker

3D H-Woodcore

The V.Werks 100 boasts a unique two-piece wooden core construction, a visual marvel that translates into exceptional balance and control on the slopes. Crafted from environmentally friendly, FSC-certified poplar and beech solid wood components connected via precision CNC technology, this ski's 3D structure, including the side bolsters, offers a ride experience unlike any other. Say goodbye to disruptive vibrations and shocks—thanks to this innovative construction, the skiing sensation is remarkably tranquil and enjoyable.

Tailored Fibre Placement 2.0

Its transparent section seamlessly integrates with the binding, a feat achieved through a brilliant fusion of cutting-edge wood core technology, complemented by the perfect mix of carbon and natural fibers. This ingenious combination doesn't just look stunning; it's engineered to flawlessly channel energy from your boots to the edge, allowing for incredibly dynamic skiing styles. Experience a whole new level of performance and control on the slopes with this marvel of engineering.

Base P-Tex 4504

Top-tier and race-specific models equipped with a sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene base—P-Tex 4504, a pinnacle in durability, wax absorption, and speed. With an exceptionally high density and specialized additives for thermal and electro-conductivity, this material isn't just fast; it's a game-changer. Experience premium glide and maximum speed, proving its mettle on the slopes, ideal for those seeking peak performance in competitive racing.

3D.Ridge Carbon

Utilizing a Central Woodcore Ridge and slender wings to cut weight without compromising stability, complemented by a Full Carbon Jacket ensuring unwavering stability.


170(R1) 33, (R2) 16, (R3) 25140-100-122
179(R1) 36, (R2) 17, (R3) 28140-100-122
186(R1) 40, (R2) 19, (R3) 30140-100-122
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