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Burton Step On Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings - Men's
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Burton Step On Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings - Men'sby Burton

Burton Step On Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings - Men's
For quick and easy off the lift riding!

Burton Step On Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings - Men's by Burton

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For quick and easy off the lift riding!

Product Info

The Burton Step On® redefined what was possible in the speed entry world of bindings. Snowboarders around the world had given up on the idea of quick entry and quality riding performance all with the comfort of standard bindings, but Burton didn’t give up and delivered on the the lost dream. Alright, enough smoke blowing. In all honesty the Burton Step On® system works. So whether you are tired of sitting down or bending over to strap in or you have limitations in doing so, the Step On® system might just be for you. And now you have 3 fit options for boots; Burton for your narrow fit, DC for your average fit, and Nitro for your wider fit. Not sure what you need, just ask. We are here to help. Burton Re:Flex bindings work on all modern boards. **For use exclusively with the Step On® Boots!!!**

7/10 Flex
4x2 | 4x4 | Channel Disc
30% Short Glass | 70% Nylon Composite Baseplate

Type of terrain: All mountain

Ability level: Intermediate, Advanced

We recommend this for:

Any rider looking for quicker and easier entry into their binding. 

Technical Features

  • 7/10 Flex
  • 4x2 | 4x4 | Channel Disc
  • 30% Short Glass | 70% Nylon Composite Baseplate
  • Re:Flex™ mounting system
  • Re:Flex™ FullBED padding
  • Step On® boot-to-binding system
  • Toe Hooks 2.0
  • Single component canted hi-back
  • FLAD™

Flex Rating

Medium-plus flexing bindings provide more efficient transfer of energy for quicker and more precise edge-to-edge control, but aren’t so stiff to Sunday cruise when you are looking for a more mellow day or your legs are gassed at the end of the day. 

4x2 | 4x4 | Channel Disc

Disc mounting system features an easy mounting plate that is compatible with all major mounting systems. 

30% Short Glass | 70% Nylon Composite Baseplate

 Nylon composite material blended with 30% short-glass provides playful response. Single-component baseplate construction features one material throughout, providing consistent response and feel while riding on any terrain. Lightweight, bombproof composite baseplate construction is playful for a more aggressive rider.

Re:Flex™ mounting system & FullBED padding

Burton's Re:Flex mounting system dramatically improves boards flex and feel while also reducing weight and has a cushioning system that provides full underfoot cushioning, maximizing comfort while minimizing fatigue, and features a trap-door design for easy-access to mounting hardware.

Step On® boot-to-binding system & Toe Hooks 2.0

Step On® boot-to-binding system uses three points of connection, the main one at the heel and two by the toe utilizing Toe Hooks 2.0 that feature a spring hinge that flexes to maintain closure and provide an easy entrance and exit.

Single component canted hi-back

Single-component canted hi-back construction provides immediate response and allows you to manipulate the overall flex profile of the board. Zero forward lean hi-back is completely vertical and designed for riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feel. 


FLAD™ system allows you to make micro adjustments to your forward lean angle to customize your stance. 

Burton Sizing

US6 - 88.5 - 10.511 - 1314 - 15
Mondo24 - 2626.5 - 28.529 - 3132 - 33
Euro38 - 4141.5 - 43.544 - 4647 - 48
Warranty Information:

All Burton binding baseplates are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The term "Lifetime" refers to the reasonable lifetime of the product. This does not mean your lifetime but rather the lifetime of the materials and components that go into the finished product.

Burton warrants the straps and hi-backs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. Your warranty does not cover any cosmetic damage caused by normal use. All warranty returns must include a copy of the original Proof of Purchase. Items will be repaired or replaced at Burton's discretion, upon inspection and determination of warranty eligibility. Burton will make every effort to replace limited edition or discontinued products but cannot guarantee their availability for replacement, in case the item is not reparable. Any limited edition or discontinued product still covered by warranty that cannot be replaced with an identical product will be replaced with the equivalent model based on availability. Burton may make changes to products and designs in the time you purchased your product and submitted a warranty claim. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate these changes.

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