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FjallRaven Greenland Waxby FjallRaven

FjallRaven Greenland Wax
For all your G-1000 garment waxing needs.

FjallRaven Greenland Wax by FjallRaven


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For all your G-1000 garment waxing needs.

Product Info 

If your favorite G-1000 Fjällraven product is starting to lose some of its weather proof functionality then it might be time to re-apply the wax finish. With enough wax to last you up to ten applications the Greenland Wax is a great eco friendly option for water and wind resistance.

Intended Use: Everyday Outdoor

We recommend this for:

Refortifying the waterproof barrier on your Fjällraven G-1000 products.

Technical Features

  • Wax impregnation for garments in G-1000 fabric
  • Made without the use of PFCs
  • Uses peraffin and beeswax
  • Made without the use of PFCs
  • One block is enough for about ten garments
  • Rub on and melt in

1. Apply wax

Take the block of Greenland Wax and rub it with long, smooth strokes against the fabric leaving behind a thin, even layer. You’ll want to apply some pressure when you do this, but not too much that your movements becomes jerky.

2. Heat

Using an iron (or a hairdryer) on low to moderate heat, melt the wax into the fabric. Again use long, even strokes. Greenland Wax melts at between 55°C and 60°C (131-140°F), so try to keep the iron temperature around this point – you don’t want the wax to get too runny. Don’t forget to wipe off the iron after use before ironing other garments.

*For products with down use a hair dryer to heat

3. Repeat

This step isn’t always necessary, but if you want to make the fabric even more water resistant, repeat the process several times rather than applying a single, thick layer of wax. This is a good idea for exposed sections of the garment such as the hood and shoulders or the knees and rear.

Additional Details

Material50% Polyester, 50% Wool
Warranty Information: Fjällräven provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchasers of Fjällräven products who have a receipt of proof of purchase from an authorized seller. Repair and replacement of Fjällräven product is up to the descretion of their warranty team and they do not perform non-warranty repated repairs or alterations. Alterations and repairs not performed at the Fjällräven Tailor Shop, will void your warranty. 
This Limited Lifetime Warranty DOES NOT cover accidental damage known as normal wear and tear. This includes; Stains, Fading, Discoloration, Improper Care, Melted Zippers/Fabric, Rips, Tears/Cuts, Fabric Abrasion/Pilling, Shrinkage, Faux Fur Trim

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