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YES. Hybrid Snowboard - Men'sby YES.

YES. Hybrid Snowboard - Men's
NOTE: Base colors flip-flop at random. Please call Bergs for an update on your order regarding color options.

YES. Hybrid Snowboard - Men's by YES.

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NOTE: Base colors flip-flop at random. Please call Bergs for an update on your order regarding color options.

Product Info

Not every brand does things the same way and YES. is a perfect example. Many brands offer some form of what we call “edge-tech” on their boards. Simply put edge-tech is a design feature that improves edge-hold on hard-pack and icy snow. Most brands accomplish this with positive edge-tech. This is done by extending the edge at multiple points throughout the sidecut. This can make the board feel grabby and even trip you up. YES. uses negative edge-tech called UnderBite. This is done by notching the edge in adding points that increase friction for the extra edge-hold, but do not cause the grabbiness of positive edge-tech. We believe this to be ideal for those still learning or wanting to be able to feather their edge in their turns, which is helpful when lining up a jump or rail. The Standard from YES. has a camrock profile which gives you the edge-hold and pop of camber and the ease of entry and float of rocker. One of the absolute best profiles for versatility, especially if you are only going to have one board. Ideal for the intermediate rider or better, the Hybrid is quite literally a hybrid of the 420 and PYL boards. Offering the volume shifted shorter and wider surface area of the 420 and the Tapered UnderBite of the PYL. All that means is that you get a floaty maneuverable experience in the pow, as well as responsive snap and edge-hold, making this an ideal quiver killer for your all-mountain rider who loves to get in the trees as much as possible, but still wants a capable groomer board. NOTE: Base colors flip-flop at random. Please call Bergs for an update on your order regarding color options.

Technical Features

  • Directional 
  • CamRock
  • 7/10 Flex
  • Sintered True Base
  • Poplar/Powlonia/Bamboo Core
  • Triax Glass
  • Tapered UnderBite
  • MidBite 
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacture Warranty


Directional is the classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while providing plenty of float in powder. A softer nose allows for a smoother roll into your carve, while a stiffer waist and tail provides better control through the turn and a stronger finish.


The response of camber with the float of rocker. Slight camber between the feet keeping your contact points on the ground allowing for better edge hold. Compressing the camber will accentuate the rocker by lifting the contact points allowing a more catch free turn and better float in the Pow.


Having a narrower tail than nose allows for the rear of the board to drop in powder which lifts the nose of the board above the fluff, reducing back leg fatigue on the best days of the season. This also allows for a tighter turn radius on a wider board, especially in narrow chutes and tight trees.

Tapered UnderBite

Each side of the board's effective edge is segmented into 3 distinct parts that step horizontally inward rather than tapering. Tapered UnderBite corrects wash-out by increasing the sidecut depth as you move towards the tail creating a corrective "hook" to the taper.

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