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Salomon S/LAB Shift MNC 10 Ski Bindingsby Salomon

Salomon S/LAB Shift MNC 10 Ski Bindings

Salomon S/LAB Shift MNC 10 Ski Bindings by Salomon

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Product Info

Smaller backcountry skiers unite! The Shift 10 is now available! The Shift is a fundamental new way to look at ski touring bindings. It is an Alpine binding first, but a full on touring binding also. Truly the best of both worlds in a whole new package. The design is based on the traditional Salomon Toe, that has elastic travel and shock absorption of 47mm. Along with a classic compact heel that has 9 mm of upward travel. That alone is and industry leader for range of return, now add a Shift in thinking and mechanics. With a few simple moves you can Shift the binding. The pins are revealed in the toe, thus moving the whole boot forward to give you heel clearance in tour mode. Now you have a fully functioning Pin binding for your uphill travels. Climb up using you multiple height climbing bars of 2 and 10.

Downhill performance
Touring ready

Intended Use: Touring, Alpine

Ability Level: Intermediate

Technical Features

  • DIN Range: 4-10
  • Elastic Travel, Toe 47mm, Heel 9mm
  • Climbing Rider Angles: 2º and 10º
  • Ramp: 4mm (same as Salomon Warden)
  • Multi Norm Compatible (Alpine, Alpine-Tech, AT)
  • Easy climbing aid manipulation
  • Crampon system option
  • NOTE: 100mm brake will fit up to a 104mm waisted ski
  • Weight: 1478g w/ 115mm brake, 886g w/o brake

Skill Level

XL Wings

Longer wingers surround the tip of the boot for increased confidence and power transmission while riding

Multi-Norm Compatibility (MNC)

The MNC technology means these bindings are compatible with all boot norms: alpine, touring, and WTR (Walk to Ride). Whether you're skiing with traditional alpine boots or touring setups, the Shift MNC 13 has you covered.

+Elastic Travel

An additional safety feature, it holds your ski boot back when faced with bigger shocks and lessens the chance of pre-release. 

Low Profile Chassis

Provides increase terrain feedback and even more power transmission

Carbon-Loaded PA

Carbon and polyamide construction keeps the bindings super lightweight, extreme resistance and rigidity.

Additional Details

Compatibility & NormMN
Main MaterialAluminium 
Adjustment Range30mm
Skier Weight108-220 lbs

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