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Tyrolia Protector PR 11 GW Ski Bindingsby Tyrolia

Tyrolia Protector PR 11 GW Ski Bindings
Built for your knees safety and to give you confidence at all times

Tyrolia Protector PR 11 GW Ski Bindings by Tyrolia

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Built for your knees safety and to give you confidence at all times

Product Info

Being the leader in innovation and saftey has always been Tyrolia’s top priority and the Protector Series proves it. The new Protector 11 GW was built for your knees safety and to give you confidence at all times. Adding a new whole “lane of release” was key to the Protector series. Building off the tried and true SX series of Toe’s and Heel’s that have been proven to perform and protect, Tyrolia added a new Range of release underneath the Heel piece. 

Maximum safety
Reduce injuries
All ability levels

Additional thought from our ski experts: 

Thanks to the intelligent 180° heel release, horizontal and vertical, the load on the knee is significantly reduced, ensuring safer skiing on top of having reliable and consistent forward release from the heel. But you also have side to side under the heel. Built on Tyrolia’s Grip Walk compatible PowerRail series of bindings that have been known to provide predictable performance and help avoid injury while you rip down the slopes. What you have now is the Protector Series of Bindings that cover more releasable options than any other model on the market, and still having top notch performance on any slope, and the durability you have known to trust from Tyrolia. 

Technical Features

  • TX Toe
  • Full Diagonal
  • Power Rail
  • HR Heel

TRP Toe System

The TYROLIA Roller Pincer Toe System (TRP System) with its four rollers allows a 180° release and exact centering of the ski boot. The TRP system reduces the load on knees and ligaments and improves performance considerably.

AFS Anti Friction Slider

The TYROLIA Anti-Friction Slider (AFS) provides not only secure boot release but also rapid and exact boot re-centering. For better safety and reliability.

FHR - Full Heel Release

The Full Heel Release Technology delivers intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically ensuring maximum safety in forward and backward twisting fall situations. The FHR function can reduce ACL strain by more than 50%*.

Full Diagonal Toe

The TYROLIA Full Diagonal Release function delivers intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically.

Grip Walk Compatible

Accommodates all Alpine ski boots (ISO 5355 TYPE A) plus all GripWalk ski boots (ISO 23223 TYPE A).

Additional Details

Stand Height33.5 mm
Weight Per Single Binding1160 g
ISO5355A, 9523 GW
**Please note that TYROLIA bindings are intended only for use with skis when mounted, adjusted and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted and serviced accordingly.

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