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Volkl M6 Mantra Skis - Men'sby Volkl

Volkl M6 Mantra Skis - Men's

Volkl M6 Mantra Skis - Men's by Volkl

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How do you improve a legend? You retain the features that made the ski famous and add the latest innovations, which allow progress where a year ago you couldn’t see any room for improvement. Hence the new generation of Mantra, the M6 to blow your mind. In releasing the M6, Völkl debuted a new technology: Titanal Frame. One of the first skis to popularize today's trendy metal-where-you-need-it concept, the M5 featured U-shaped titanal wrapped around the tips and tails of the skis. The thought was to provide the power and stability of metal without making the ski bulky. Needless to say—it worked. The M5 rocketed to the top of the men's all-mountain ski category, where it s stayed since.

The M6 features a new take on Titanal Frame, which Völkl calls Tailored Titanal Frame. Rather than build the same amount of metal into every ski in the M6 size run, Völkl decided to vary the width of the metal by ski length. So, the longer the M6, the wider the Titanal. Same goes for the Secret 96. The intention? Give bigger, heavier skiers more power, support, and oomf while maintaining maneuverability on the shorter sizes for smaller skiers who still get plenty of rigidity out of the reduced metal profile. Similarly, Völkl varied the carbon in the tips (Tailored Carbon Tips) to make the skis more intuitive and precise to turn and more energetic. They also brought 3D Radius Sidecut, the variable sidecut radius seen in recent models like the Kendo 88 and Mantra 102, to the M6. The idea: Double down on the skis versatility and ski-ability. In summary, the Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum power and fun!

• Ski Width Dimensions: 135-96-119
• Sidecut: 177cm - 18m
• Tip & Tail Rocker
• Multilayer Woodcore
• 3D Radius Sidecut
• Full Sidewall
• Tailored Titanal Frame
• Tailored Carbon Tips
• P-Tex 2100 Base
• Made in Germany
• 1-Year Manufacture Warranty

Tip & Tail Rocker - Provides early rise at the front and rear contact points. Tip rocker allows for an easier turn initiation requiring a little less effort for your little beginner and easier float in softer snow for your more adventurous ripper. Tail rocker is ideal for riding switch without diminishing the skis ability to carve. 

Multilayer Woodcore - The combination of beech and poplar results in an extremely durable wood core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood around.

3D Radius Sidecut - Völkl uses a different sidecut at the nose, middle, and tail of the ski. Utilizing these three different sidecuts through the length of the ski increases efficiency and reduces required effort in every turn by making the entry smoother, the middle tighter, and the exit snappier. In essence, power steering for your skis.

Tailored Titanal Frame - The Titanal Frame has a thickness of 0.7mm integrated along the sidewall and into tip and tail area of the ski and a second thinner layer of 0.3mm under the binding. This provides strength, stability, and dampening where you need it and torsional flex where you want it while increasing strength to the mounting plate for your bindings. 

Tailored Carbon Tips - Tip material layup for high reliability and stability at the lightest possible weight. Carbon in the tips will help keep the chatter to a minimum as you enter your turns to increase control and confidence.
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