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Powder Cord Pouches are the best device for keeping your wayward powder cords under control both in your gear bag and while you're skiing.

No longer will your powder cords get tangled up with your other paraphernalia or trail behind you when you ski. Never again will you endure the contortions of trying to stuff your powder cords into your pants or bunching them up under a bungee cord, where they may or may not deploy when you need them to.

You don't even need to unhook your cords from your skis when you load into a gondola, snow cat, or helicopter; just clip the Powder Cord Pouches around the skis.
  • Fashionable
  • Made from Top Gun marine awning material
  • One size fits all
  • Life time guarantee
  • Not bulky
  • Easy on / Easy off / Easy to use!
  • Each order includes a pair of Powder Cord Pouches

What are powder cords?
A powder cord is a ribbon or heavy string about six to ten feet long (these are 9 feet) that attaches to your ski binding and helps locate your ski when it detaches from your boot in deep powder. As the loose ski submarines under the snow, the powder cord unfurls out behind it on the surface.

How do I attach powder cords to my skis?
There are several ways to attach your cords. Please see the photos and descriptions here on the website.

Why do I need Powder Cord Pouches?
The traditional way to carry a powder cord is to stuff it into your pant leg, coil it under a rubber band, etc. These inadequate methods often result in the cord trailing along behind you, tangling with your other ski, wrapping around trees, and impeding your access to the chair lift. Powder Cord Pouches eliminate these hassles.

What happens when I take my skis off?
Ski removal is easy! Simply unclip your Powder Cord Pouches from the fronts of your legs, step out of your skis, and unhook the cords from the bindings. Powder Cord Pouches are especially useful if you ride gondolas, snow cat ski, heli ski, or find yourself in any other situation where you clip in and out of your skis frequently.

Powder Cord Pouches look bulky. Isn'?t it easier just to carry my cords in my pockets on iffy days?
No! Just stuff the cords completely into the Powder Cord Pouches and clip them around your boots. That way, you'?ll always have your cords with you whether you need them or not and your pockets will be free for your sun screen, lip balm, hand warmers, energy bars, and all the other junk you carry.

Do Powder Cord Pouches come in different sizes?
Nope. One size fits all; the strap will adjust to any size boot
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