Rottefella NTN Freeride Ski Bindings with Brakes

Rottefella NTN Freeride Ski Bindings with Brakes
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The NEW for 2012-13 NTN is a binding for Telemark Freeride Skiing, that gives the rider unparralled edge control and a variety of user benefits. It offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without sacrificing the freedom of the heels. With the UPGRADED plastic base plate that is lighter and with a wider hole pattern for added leverage and edging power. Leaving the traditional 75mm duckbill behind, the progressive New Telemark Norm (NTN), splits from the herd to redifine free heel technology. Easier, smoother and stronger, the binding's construction and performance is unlike anything you have ever skied.

NTN Technology:

Increased lateral stability, edge control, and adjustable forward flex:
NTN users experience immediate energy transfer from boot to edge. Plus, new spring technology provides an even and adjustable forward flex.

Adjustable binding position:
Adjust the binding position +/-15mm along the mounting plate with no re-drilling. Three positions are available.

Easy in - Easy out:
'Easy in' means you never have to bend over to put on your telemark binding again. With the grip of a ski pole, flick the lever open, step in, and push the lever back down.

Ski brake:
The NTN binding comes equipped with an integrated ski brake. Standard: 95mm, extra wide: 110mm.

Free pivot touring function:
Flip the tour lever open for free-pivot touring. For steep climbing you can set the heel piece in an upright position.

Symmetrical bindings:
NTN bindings are symmetrical; no left or right ski. You will ride longer on sharp edges.

Release function:
The NTN binding has a sideways release system*. The springs in the NTN binding, with regards to release values, can be pre-tightened or reduced in tightness. Testing in our shop with the DIN bench shows that the NTN releases very consistently but is not DIN certified. Field testing has been really good(I jarl have over 80 days on the NTN) and had little to no "pre-release". I have had some releases and it's been at very good times that it should have.

*The sideways release system of the NTN binding is not certified according to ISO/DIN standards.

  • Increased lateral stability.
  • Greater edge control.
  • Quicker edge to edge response.
  • Adjustable binding position.
  • Free pivot touring function.
  • Symmetrical bindings.
  • Easy '?step-in'?like entry.
  • Release function.
  • 110 mm Ski brake.
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