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Manufacturer Certified Services

Binding Adjustment
To ensure that your ski bindings release when they are designed to, Berg's Ski Shop techs can adjust them for your personal size and skier type, as suggested by the manufacturer. Some bindings may not be adjusted by us because the manufacturer has placed them on such a list. It is always a good idea to have your bindings checked before each ski season, because after sitting all summer the springs and release mechanisms can get dirty and rusty.

Binding Mounting
Some types of skis are not compatible with some bindings. It is a very good idea to have an expert match ski. binding, and boots before purchasing any of them. So many times have people come in for mounting with mix match gear that they purchased separately. Some examples are boot too soft for ski, or ski does not have mounting plate where binding mounting holes are, or bindings DIN settings do not match custome's skier type.

Due to these variables, we are not able to mount skis without the skiers exact boots present. We highly recommend having your gear installed by a dealer authorized to sell Alpine or Nordic hardgoods.

Custom Boot Fitting
It all starts with the boot, so make sure it is comfortable for years of enjoyment. Everyone's feet are different and there are different boot shapes from different manufacturers. A great boot for one person might be utter pain for another.

We highly recommend setting up a proper boot fitting session with a dealer authorized professional. The best thing is to get the right fitting boot first, then customize it. Berg's Ski Shop carries different boot manufacturers with varying shapes and stiffness. We also stock Intuition moldable liners.


If you have any questions regarding manufacturer certified services, please call us at 800-800-1953.
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