Swix Cera Nova CH10 Yellow Hydrocarbon Wax - 60g

Swix Cera Nova CH10 Yellow Hydrocarbon Wax - 60g
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For wet, saturated snow like you see on a late spring, early summer "fresh snow" day, Cera Nova CH10 Yellow Hydrocarbon Wax is the ideal wax. It's also a good wax for base prep and cleaning. The first choice of wax for use in "hot boxes" and "thermo-bags" due to the high base penetration characteristics. CH stands for Hydrocarbon. This category has no fluorocarbon material in the blends. They are 100% high performance hydrocarbon paraffins. Although they can be looked upon as an economical racing wax group, the colder waxes perform very well alone, and the warmer waxes make an acceptable base layer for Cera F. Their colors and temperature ranges coincide with the HF and LF Waxes. The CH waxes can be distinguished from the LF waxes by their darker shade of color.


  • CH10 Yellow +10C to 0C
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 110C.

Results have shown that Swix Cera Nova CH10 Yellow Hydrocarbon Bulk Wax - 180g is most ideal for fresh snow in warm conditions. Not the best for summer "icy slush". So when you have fresh snowfall in Late spring/ early summer without sharp ice crystals CH10 is perfect by itself.
CH10 is still the Worlds most frequently used wax for base prep/saturation and as travel wax for warm skis. Recommended iron temperature setting of 110 C.

NEW AND IMPROVED: Contrary to current thinking, the Wax pros at Swix and Berg's Ski Shop have found that summer slush requires a different wax prep for optimal glide. The Swix CH10 is still a great wax but in the hard/ icy crystals of summer corn snow this soft wax is easily scraped off the base of the ski or snowboard like sand paper scrapes wood.

An ideal wax combo for dirty summer crystal snow is a mix of cold/ flouro/ and graphite waxes put on in overlapping thin layers. This accommodates for the ice and fluctuation temperatures on the hill.

Wax layering sample:
Layer 1- Cold wax: creates hard surface that resists being scraped off by the sharp snow crystals.
Layer 2- Flouro wax: Fast/ hydrophobic layer to repel the excess water present as the icy crystals melt in the warmer temps.
Layer 3- Graphite wax: repels the dirt in the snow that is very present in spring and summer conditions.

This combo of wax lasts all day when applied properly, but don't take our word for it Try the combo and experiment with your own different wax and layering techniques. Find the best combo that works for you. Happy Waxing.

WAXES and SKI PREPARATION: Swix has been making ski wax and accessories since 1946. The color coding of waxes with Red for warm, Green for cold and Blue for normal winter conditions was invented by Swix and set the industry standard that is still used today. Swix products were involved in more than 9 out of 10 medals won in the World Championships in Bormio, in Hochfilzen and Oberstdorf in 2005 say no more! Swix waxes are divided in two categories: * Glide products * Grip products The Cera Nova System is the essence of good glide in skiing, whether we speak of Alpine, Snowboard or Cross Country Skating. Wax is important for speed, but for a recreational skier or snowboarder waxing also means more control, better turning and protection of the equipment. The Swix F4 Universal Line is the simple solution for this performance group. Kick Waxes and Klisters for Cross-Country skiing make another important part of the Swix product range. Classic skiing is gaining steadily in popularity and remains an extremely healthy way of exercising. The VR and V Line includes Hard waxes for 'dry' conditions while the KR and K Line consists of Klisters for wet and icy conditions. Our products are widely used on the different World Cup circuits where we are present at the important international events with our Swix Racing Service Team. We are proud to say that during these years we have grown to become the leader in World Cup racing. Wax is the final critical link between the base surface and the snow surface. Throughout our website we offer advice on which products to choose and how to use them for Racing or Recreational performance. Base preparation and maintenance of skis and boards is rewarding.
TEAM BERG'S Serving snow sports enthusiasts since 1955
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