Conform'able Central Women's H Liners

Conform'able Central Women's H Liners
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Sidas has come up with the very first warming thermoformed boot liner designed especially for women.

This boot liner is the result of a combination of two innovative technologies developed by Sidas:
• Warming systems comprising batteries connected to heating elements.
• Thermoformed boot liners.

These two technologies have now made it possible to create the first thermoformed warming boot liner.

A liner for women :
This liner was developed especially for women, as such it features a high, open collar with greater flexibility. By perfectly fitting the anatomy of the female foot it provides optimal comfort and sensitivity.

Integrated warming system :
This is the warmest boot liner in the world, firstly because it is made entirely of EVA, which provides excellent thermal insulation.
In addition to its insulating construction it incorporates heating elements connected to a battery that produces gentle, constant warmth for up to 6 hours.

It is on the outside of the boot liner, making it easily accessible whilst skiing.
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