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Swix Easy Glide Liquid for Waxless Skis - 80ml

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Swix Easy Glide liquid is ideal for basic maintenance of waxless skis. Even waxless skis require some maintenance to keep the bases from drying out, which causes the bases to oxidize and absorb dirt and snow(all the snow getting caked too the bottom of your need some wax there as well). To keep your bases in good shape, apply Easy Glide on the total length of the ski base, including the grip section. Let dry for a minute(or best results over-night in a warm room...not the garage), and they're ready to go! Easy Glide will make the glide sections perform better and avoid icing in the grip section. For best performance use a normal iron wax for your base-coat and then apply this wax on top for maintance...otherwise just make sure to use this product more often.


  • Built-in applicator
  • 2.8 fl. oz.
  • for waxing or maintenance of XC skis


Swix Easy Glide Liquid for Waxless Skis - 80ml

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