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Tecnica Viva Crossfire Ski Boots - Women's

$575.00 - Save $215.01
color: Bone Grey / White, choose a size


The Tecnica Viva Crossfire ski boot lets you leave your mark in any terrain. The Crossfire brings sidecountry accessibility to intermediate skiers with a women's specific fit. Differing from traditional ski/walk features the Crossfire has the Cuff Mobility System which combines an unlocking upper cuff with a long stride range with the upper cuff buckle which gets set in an open position to the inside of the cuff catch. Gone are the days of choosing between the convenience of a better "up" boot versus a kick butt alpine "down" boot.

Winner of the Powder Magazine's Skier's Choice Fantasy Draft, Powder says: "Looking at AT and sidecountry boots, the Viva Crossfire makes sense for me. It is similar to my current boot, the (Tecnica) Viva Crush, but has a slightly bigger volume in the foot plus a walk/tour mode. In a place like Jackson, where we hike nearly as much as we ski, it's a huge help to have a hinged cuff for the uphill slog. Despite my racing and competition background, I now often prefer a softer flex for comfort. I work ski patrol and ski hard in my free time, so I spend long hours in my boots. I still want a performance fit, but the softer flex is more comfortable for hiking and standing around. I still get what I need out of the Crossfire when it's time to go downhill." A.J. Cargill

  • Interchangeable soles (Comes with DIN Soles), Tech Soles available
  • Quick Instep
  • i-Rebound Flex Management
  • Cuff Mobility System with Hike Mode
  • 45mm Velcro Alu Buckle Closure
  • 3 Alu Buckles
  • Shock Absorbing Zeppa/Baseboard
  • 9 Teeth Cuff Catch with Walk Position
  • Hinged Instep Catch
  • Lycra Heel Slider
  • 100 Flex


Tecnica Viva Crossfire Ski Boots - Women's

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