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Burton Medium Spike Mat

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So grippy, why bother strapping in?!? The Burton Medium Spike Mat is like a crampon for the top of your board!


  • Serious stomp pad technology
  • Aluminum spikes
  • Sturdy adhesive
  • Clear color

Application tips:

  • Make sure the board surface is clean, dry and at room temp.
  • Board surface can be cleaned w/ rubbing alcohol or any substance that will NOT leave a residue behind.
  • Peel off the backing and role the pad in to place by rubbing from one side to the other to push out the air bubbles.
  • Allow the adhesive to cure overnight.
  • Exposure to cold too soon can cause the pad to come unstuck.
  • Stomp pads are not designed to be re-applied after removed.


Burton Medium Spike Mat

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