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Swix XC Racing Pro Ski Straps

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The Swix Racing Pro XC Ski Strap makes it easy to hold your skis above your head on top of the podium. Even if you're just traveling to and from your favorite trail, this strap holds your skis together and keeps them from scratching each other. Just slide this 45m-wide strap on the tips of your skis and then the second strap goes on the tails, and it holds them secure in place with a soft felt band between the bases. *2 straps in each package.

What began as a modest line of 5 ski waxes has grown into a world-leading brand name for winter products. The goal is still the same, however... to bring enjoyment to recreational skiing and snowboarding and success to racing through quality and performance products just like these simple ski straps.


  • Simple and easy to use slide on strap
  • Foam pad base separator
  • Swix Logo
  • Red and White
  • 2 straps in each package.


Swix XC Racing Pro Ski Straps

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