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Oakley Elevate Goggles Replacement Lens

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HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) combines patented optics and PLUTONITE® lens material that provides 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.
Accessory lenses are made of premium PLUTONITE® lens material, an innovation that blocks 100% of all UV radiation. Oakley's CAD/CAM engineering makes lens replacement simple, yet maximizes impact protection while the lenses are installed. For select goggles, choose an optional IRIDIUM® lens coating to minimize glare and tune light transmissions.

High Definition Optics® (HDO®):

High Definition Optics®. Available only from Oakley, HDO® offers unbeatable performance and protection. ANSI measures optical performance by analyzing prismatic power, prismatic imbalance, refractive power, lens astigmatism and pattern definition. Oakley utilizes proprietary technologies like XYZ Optics® to surpass these tests. HDO® also includes Oakley's 100% UV filtering, as well as impact protection worthy of sports professionals.

Important Note:

Use care when installing/ removing accessory lenses. Scratched lenses can not be returned and are not covered under Oakley's warranty policy.
Oakley Elevate Goggles Replacement Lens

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