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DryGuy BootGlove Alpine

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The BootGlove™ is designed and built to keep your feet warm and batteries are not required! The BootGlove Boot Warmer is one of Dry Guy's most popular products. Developed in Alaska, the BootGlove is an inexpensive way to cover the toe of your boots and is a very effective product for keeping your feet warm. The BootGlove has been shown to keep the outer-shell of the ski boot as much as 50 degrees warmer. It follows that if the shell stays warmer the foot stays warmer. Made of Neoprene and Velcro, the BootGlove fits snugly over the boot with an adjustable strap for customizing the fit while leaving access to the top buckles. Without compromising the fit of the boot, the BootGlove acts as a windscreen and as a layer of insulation and also stops water from leaking in - a problem found in many boots from time to time.


  • 5 Mil N2s Neoprene outer shell
  • Adjustable Velcro heel strap
  • Wind and water proof
  • Side abrasion patches
  • 30 day warranty

More about the Testing:

  • In an engineered test at Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska the following results were recorded:
  • The outside air temperature was -5 degrees below zero F at the ski lodge.
  • Temperature probes were placed on the shell of the ski boots.
  • A BootGlove™ was placed over one of the boots in the ski lodge.
  • After skiing 1,300' vertical feet, the exposed boot shell temperature was -5 degrees F, while the boot protected by the BootGlove™ was +48 degrees F.
  • The shell of the boot protected by the BootGlove™ was 53 degrees F warmer than the other shell.
  • The test was repeated with identical results


DryGuy BootGlove Alpine

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